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How to create product checkout pages in Synamate

Overview & Introduction:

How to Integrate Razorpay with Synamate:

How to Create a Product in Synamate:

The above video contains:

  1. How to create a product in Synamate payments

  2. How to add bumps to your product

  3. How do you redirect users to multiple thank you pages based on their purchase

How to Create a Payment Form and Add it to Your Funnel/Website:

The above video contains:

  1. How to create a payment form with pre-existing template

  2. How to add the script of created product to Synamate forms

  3. How to make a button to scroll to the payment form upon click

  1. Please don't add 2 payments forms into a funnel page/website page, even don't duplicate or add the same form again in the same funnel/website page. It will not work if you do so.

  2. Please don't also add the the payment form in a popup of any funnel/website page.

Creating Automations

How to Create Product Purchased Automation

How to Create Cart Abandonment Sequence Automation

How to Collect Payments for Appointments

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