UTM Parameters

How to capture UTM parameters in Synamate forms

What are UTM Parameters?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters are tags that can be added to a URL in order to track and analyze website traffic. These parameters provide information about the source of the traffic, the medium of the traffic, and the campaign that brought the traffic to the website.

UTM parameters consist of five components:

  1. Campaign Source (utm_source): The source of the traffic, such as a search engine or a social media platform.

  2. Campaign Medium (utm_medium): The medium of the traffic, such as a banner ad or a newsletter or a organic blog post.

  3. Campaign Name (utm_campaign): The name of the campaign that brought the traffic to the website. You can also use the Campaign ID or Adset/Adgroup ID here.

  4. Campaign Term (utm_term): The keywords used in the campaign.

  5. Campaign Content (utm_content): The content of the ad or link that was clicked on. You can also use it to store ad ID as well.

Creating and using UTM Parameters inside of forms

We have shown how to build UTM parameters fields in the below video loominside of Synamate, but they will already be present in your account, so you can directly search in custom fields while building forms in synamate and you will be able to drag n drop them in to your forms!

Passing UTM Parameters from Facebook ads to Synamate

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