Funnel/Website Builder

Overview and Settings


This is the Editor's section of a Funnel/ Website that allows you to create and edit your page.

So you have a couple of different options here to work with; Section, Row, Column, and Element.

These edit options are distinguished by their colors

Section - GREEN Row - BLUE Columns - LILAC/Purple Element - ORANGE.

In the upper left corner of the Overview page, you can set your Funnel/Website to be accessible via Mobile device and Desktop by toggling between the Phone and Desktop icon. You can also click on the "Undo and Redo" arrows to edit changes. If you want to preview your Custom Html/Js, click on the icon next to the "Redo" arrow.

In the upper right corner of the page, you can review previous changes made by clicking on the "Version" button. Next to it is the "Preview" button, by clicking on it, you can view how your funnel looks when it's on the web. You also have the "Save" button, always save your changes to avoid losing them. The last icon on the right corner is the "Funnel Page Filter", you can shuffle between the funnel pages you created by clicking on it.


You can also edit the Settings of this page, click on the "Settings" Drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page to show more edits.

SEO Meta Data

Warning: Change the Default SEO Page Title and description.

  • Title

    Here you will type in the name for this SEO page. You can't save your work without typing a title for the page.

  • Description

    The Description box also is mandatory, you must fill it out to be able to save your work. Type in a short description of the SEO page you are creating.

  • Keywords

    You can add common keywords here. When customers make any search containing any of the keywords, your funnel page will pop up among their searches.

  • Author

    Type the name of the owner of the Funnel/Website.

  • Social Image

    Insert the image or logo you want your targeted audience to see when your page pops up.

  • Custom Meta Tag

    You can customize Meta tags for your page by clicking on the "+All" button, and inputting the tag's name and content.

  • SEO Preview

    If you want to preview your SEO page simply scroll down below the "SEO Preview" button. It gives you a sneak peek of what your website looks like.

Tracking Code

Custom CSS


Here you can change the background color of your page by selecting from the colors displayed. If the color you want is not in the displayed option, you can add your own custom color by clicking on the "Didn't find your color? Add custom one!" drop-down menu below.


You can change the Text and Link color from the default Black or Blue to any color of your choice but you can't have multiple colors, you can only change the entire text to a particular color.

You can also change the font size of your Headlines and Content.

By clicking on the popup button, you can add a popup to your funnel/website and you can also edit it by clicking on the "Open Popup Settings" button.

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