Automatic emails for appointments

How to Send Confirmation, Remainders and Cancellation for Appointments

Well, We have made it easier for you by prebuilding these appointments, you just have to tell us from which from name and from email these automatic emails should go, that's all!

Note: There is a chance that our partners might provide with another set of pre-build automations for calendars, confirm it once with them and if they exist, don't configure these emails again (instead turn these emails off), please check your automations throughly before proceeding.

Action Steps from the above video:

  1. Go to Automations and open the folder called Calendar Booking Automations [By Synamate]

  2. Edit both workflows (one-by-one) and go to settings and fill in From Name and From Email as suggested in the video

  3. You are all set for automated emails on appointments!

If by any chance you are not able to see this above folder in your Synamate account. Pelase email us on

Here is the copy paste format: ----- Subject Line: Importing Calendar Booking Automations to our Synamate account Body: Hey Team, I don't have the "Calendar Booking Automations [By Synamate]" in my account, please import them into our account and let us know once done.

----- If you can email us the above, then these automations will be imported in your account

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