Creating Calendars

How to create different type of calendars available in Synamate.

Use round robin for allocating appointments among a group of team members automatically and is Recommended for 1 member appointment booking as well as it has more flexibility

Example Use-cases:

  1. You have 10 people or single person in your sales team and you want to allocate the appointments automatically.

  2. For online support calls where you want to distribute calls among team members.

Class Booking Calendar

Use this calendar type for Online or Offline webinars with a limited seats in a particular time.

Example Use-cases:

  1. You want to have a webinar Every Week with only 50 people as participants per webinar.

  2. You want to take a free spoken english offline class at an offline centre on every Sunday with only 35 members per week.

Collective Booking Calendar

Use this calendar type for Interview type calls where 2 or more team members needs to be available, Synamate will calculate the slots when the members are free and show only those slots.

Example Use-cases:

  1. You have an interview pannel of 5 people and the person who is attendending needs to book with all these 5 pannelists at once.

Service Calendar

This type of calendar is useful for local businesses and offline businesses like Clinics, Salons, Schools etc.

<Coming Soon>

After you create the service calendar, Setup the rest of the sections by tutorials from left menu

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