Company Billing

Subscription Plan, Invoices & Synamate Wallet

In this page, you can view your subscription, upgrade or downgrade it and also check all of your invoices.

How to Open Company billing page?

Synamate Account Wallet

This credits section is Synamate Account wallet, you can recharge your amount here to use them for your emails, calls, sms, Whatsapp, AI actions and workflow actions.

We deposit $10 every month for free in your wallet so you can use them to send out around 10000 emails per month.

How to Recharge the Wallet?

Click on "Ad Balance" button and you will be redirected to the wallet recharge page which appears as below

Here you have to select which currency you are paying subscription in, If you are from India, select INR. If you are from any other country, select USD.

For all recharges we charge payment gateway fees and if or any taxes attached to it, please refer to the left content of both Razorpay payment pages for more details on this.

After you select your currency, you will be redirected to a payment page:

As shown in the above picture, you need to enter the amount of credits/money you need to deposit into your wallet. Minimum recharge is of $10

Once you do that, our team manually checks everything and deposits the money into your wallet. If you don't see your credits within 5-6 hours, please email us on

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