Custom Values

Custom Values or Shortcodes or Merge Fields

You can use these fields anywhere in Synamate to populate the related information about the client.

Contact > [Text] > Full name: {{}}

Contact > First name: {{contact.first_name}}

Contact > Last name: {{contact.last_name}}

Contact > Email: {{}}

Contact > Phone: {{}} or **{{contact.phone_raw}}

Contact > Phone (Recommended for trigger links & UTM): Tel:{{contact.phone_raw}}

Contact > Company name: {{contact.company_name}}

Contact > Full Address: {{contact.full_address}}

Contact > Address 1: {{contact.address1}}

Contact > City: {{}}

Contact > State: {{contact.state}}

Contact > Postal Code: {{contact.postal_code}}

Contact > Date of Birth: {{contact.date_of_birth}}

Contact > Source: {{contact.source}}

Contact > Website: {{}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Date of last stay: {{contact.date_of_last_stay}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Additional Comments: {{contact.additional_comments}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Villa of last stay: {{contact.villa_of_last_stay}}

Attribution > First > Session Source: {{contact.attributionSource.sessionSource}}

Attribution > First > URL: {{contact.attributionSource.url}}

Attribution > First > Campaign: {{contact.attributionSource.campaign}}

Attribution > First > UM Source: {{contact.attributionSource.utmSource}}

Attribution > First > UM Medium: {{contact.attributionSource.utmMedium}}

Attribution > First > UTM Content: {{contact.attributionSource.utmContent}}

Attribution > First > Referrer: {{contact.attributionSource.referrer}}

Attribution > First > Campaign Id: {{contact.attributionSource.campaignId}}

Attribution > First > FB Clickld: {{contact.attributionSource.fbclid}}

Attribution > First > Google Clickld: {{contact.attributionSource.gclid}}

Attribution > Last > Session Source: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.sessionSource}}

Attribution > Last > URL: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.url}}

Attribution > Last > Campaign: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.campaign}}

Attribution > Last > UM Source: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmSource}}

Attribution > Last > UM Medium: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmMedium}}

Attribution > Last > UTM Content: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmContent}}

Attribution > Last > Referrer: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.referrer}}

Attribution > Last > Campaign Id: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.campaignId}}

Attribution > Last > FB Clickld: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.fbclid}}

Attribution > Last > Google Clickld: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.gclid}}

User > Full Name: {{}}

User > First Name: {{user.first_name}}

User > Last Name: {{user.last_name}}

User > Email: {{}}

User > Phone: {{}} or **{{user.phone_raw}}

User > Signature: {{user.email_signature}}

User > Calendar Link: {{user.calendar_link}}

User > Appointment Phone: ** {{appointment.user.phone_raw}}

User > Twilio Phone: {{user.twilio_phone_number}}

User > Twilio Phone raw format: {{user.twilio_phone_number_raw}}

Appointment > Start Date Time: {{appointment.start_time}}

Appointment > Start Date: {{appointment.only_start_date}}

Appointment > Start Time: {{appointment.only_start_time}}

Appointment > End Date Time: {{appointment.end_time}}

Appointment > End Date: {{appointment.only_end_date}}

Appointment > End Time: {{appointment.only_end_time}}

Appointment > Timezone: {{appointment.timezone}}

Appointment > Cancellation Link: {{appointment.cancellation_link}}

Appointment > Reschedule Link: {{appointment.reschedule_link}}

Appointment > Meeting Location: {{appointment.meeting_location}}

Appointment > Notes: {{appointment.notes}}

Appointment >Add to Google Calendar: {{appointment.add_to_google_calendar}}

Appointment > Add to Ical&Outlook: {{appointment.add_to_ical_outlook}}

Calendar > Name: {{}}

Campaign > Event, Date, Time: {{campaign.event_date_time}}

Campaign > Event Date: {{campaign.event_date}}

Campaign > Event Time: {{campaign.event_time}}

Message > Message Body: {{message.body}}

Account > Name: {{}}

Account > Full Address: {{location.full_address}}

Account > Address Line 1: {{location.address}}

Account > City: {{}}

Account > State: {{location.state}}

Account > Country: {{}}

Account > Postal Code: {{location.postal_code}}

Account > Email: {{}}

Account > Phone: {{}}

Account > Website: {{}}

Account > Logo URL: {{location.logo_url}}

Account > Owner > First Name: {{location_owner.first_name}}

Account > Owner > Last Name: {{location_owner.last_name}}

Account > Owner > Email: {{}}

Right Now > Second: {{right_now.second}}

Right Now > Minute: {{right_now.minute}}

Right Now > Time 24h Format: {{right_now.hour}}

Right Now > Time AM/PM Format: {{right_now.hour_ampm}}

Right Now > AM/PM: {{right_now.ampm}}

Right Now > Day: {{}}

Right Now > Month: {{right_now.month}}

Right Now > Month Extended English: {{right_now.month_english}}

Right Now > Year: {{right_now.year}}

Right Now > Date (month/day/year): {{right_now.middle_endian_date}}

Right Now > Date (day/month/year): {{right_now.little_endian_date}}

Right Now > Day of the week: {{right_now.day_of_week}}

Custom Values or Short Codes for Custom Fields

If you want the these custom values/short codes for the custom fields you create for forms then follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings from bottom left corner from your Dashbaord

Step 2: Click on Custom Fields and you can see the Unique Key for every custom field that you've created.


In the above image, we have created 3 custom fields to be placed on forms, now you can copy paste these unique keys anywhere in the system to populate the answers that your leads/prospects has entered in those fields.

You can paste them in Email Campaigns, Calendar Additional Notes, WhatsApp Automations, Email Automations and even on landing pages to make them more personalised to your audience etc.

So, Let's say all these three fields I have in the above image, I'm having them for my appointment booking form. So whenever someone wants to book an appointment, I need these fields to be answered, so after I built the form I've linked it to the calendar. Now if I want them in my google calendar directly or in the confirmation email I get, I can copy paste the question and the key as answers in the following format anywhere to make the data populate dynamically.

(Please make sure you remove the gaps/spaces between the brackets and test when copy pasting from Synamate)

Question: What is Your Facebook Profile URL?
Answer: {{contact.what_is_your_facebook_profile_url}}
Question: Which Of My Service Are You Interested In?
Answer: {{contact.which_of_my_service_are_you_interested_in}}
Question: Why Are You Interested In Our Franchise?
Answer: {{contact.why_are_you_interested_in_our_franchise}}

So I can copy paste this in automations in Internal action and send an email to myself whenever a call is booked, I can copy paste them into the client appointment confirmation automated email so they can also see what answers they've given. Also I can put them in additional notes in the calendar to see these details directly on my google/outlook/apple calendar.

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