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Team Management

Here’s an overview of the team management settings in your account settings. In this section, you can add or remove your team members from your account.

NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components as shown below. Please check your subscriptions or admin user for the account will have all permissions.

Adding a Team Member:

Click here to add new team members.

1. Filling in User Info:

  1. You can add a personal logo for each team member (Optional)

  2. Add First and Last Name, Email and Phone of your team member

  3. Enter Password of your team member* (They can change it later by coming here or resettings password from login page) Reset Password button's role is to reset the password when a user forgets his password. When creating a new user, you don't need to click that.

  4. Email Signature: Optional but preferred to add, You can just write as follows: Regards, Team Member Name Also, enable the 2 checkboxes if you think they are required.

  5. Calendar: You can select the calendar for this user particularly so you will be able to use it as a dynamic values when sending emails/text messages. But consider leaving this if you are not into advanced automations.

2. Editing User Permissions:

You can select what all permissions you want your team members to have, we are making these permissions more granular to so you can give access to only those things that you want your team members to see.

  1. Only Assigned Data: This comes into place when you only want to show the data of the assigned contacts in Synamate. If you enable this for any client, they will only be able to see contacts for which the are assigned the owner.

3. User Roles:

You can select Admin if the team member you're adding is a business partner. Otherwise, leave it as user.

That's it! Click on save and the user will be created! An email will be sent to the user saying that their account is created.

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