Calendar Settings

Calendars > Preferences

From Calendar Preferences, you can select your preferred Meeting Location, Once you select that, it will by default gets selected whenever you or someone adds to a particular calendar.

You can also change this option per calendar as mentioned in creating calendars videos.

Calendars > Availability

Note: Here is availability settings there are two types of availability.

  1. My Availability - Which is specific for You or a particular user.

  2. Account Availability - Coming Soon (Availability for the Whole Account)

It is very important to set My Availability properly with time zone and the working hours, Synamate checks the availability here first and then checks the calendar availability. You can add your lunch timings here so it gets blocked across all the calendars you are a part off.

Calendars > Connections

The Above Video Contains:

  1. Setting up main integration Calendar - You can set here which calenday to sync to synamate so all the bookings gets displayed there.

  2. Checking for Conflicts - You can here enable multiple calendar for checking on conflicts.

  3. Zoom integration - This is another place when a user can integrate their zoom account instead of their profile.

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