What does the recipient have to do?

For Estimates/Proposals

Receive the Document: The recipient will receive an email or notification with a link to the document, or they can access it through a shared portal.

Review the Document: Before signing, the recipient should carefully review the document's content, including details of the proposal or estimate, terms and conditions, etc.

Locate the Signature Placeholder: The document will have a designated area for the recipient's signature, marked by a placeholder or specific instructions.

Sign the Document: Depending on the system in use, the recipient might:

Sign electronically using a mouse, touch screen, or other input device.

Use a standardized electronic signature based on their typed name.

Optional Actions: The recipient would also be able to:

Change the Color of their signature Change the script style of their signature

Accept and sign, or Cancel: Once the recipient has signed the document and completed any additional actions, they will need to submit or save the changes, thereby finalizing their part of the process. Or Cancel if they choose not to proceed with it.

Access a Copy: The recipient will have the option to download or access a copy of the signed document for their records.

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