For Estimates and Proposals

Can I send a document to multiple clients?

No, as of now, it can be sent to only one recipient.

Can I have multiple people signing the same document

No, as of now, only one recipient can be added to a document and has to be the signer of the document

Yes, we capture some required data from the recipient automatically and generate a signature certificate after the document has been signed or marked as completed. We capture the following data and add it to the signature certificate.

Name of the recipient

Recipient email

The document sent on Date with the timestamp.

Document viewed on Date with a timestamp.

Document signed on Date with timestamp

IP Address



Default notifications configured

Estimate Received (Receiver)

Proposal received (Receiver)

Estimate Signed (Receiver)

Proposal signed (Receiver)

Estimate Signed (Sender)

Proposal signed (Sender)

Can I download the pdf and send it to the client instead of emailing it?

Yes, the download option is available inside the builder under three dots.

Can the client download a pdf without signing the document?

Yes, the document can be downloaded by the potential lead/contact before signing or finishing the document.

Will my client receive a copy of the signed document after finishing?

A default notification containing the pdf as an attachment is sent after the recipient successfully signs the document. The pdf contains a copy of the signed document and the signature certificate containing the abovementioned details.

Can I edit a document after my client has signed it?

Yes, a document can be moved to draft even after the client has signed it. However, moving to draft will erase all signed data and the signature certificate and must be sent again to the receiver for signing.

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